9/4/23 An Okinawa Exclusive featuring Arcanine!

Greetings Legendary Family, we hope you’re doing well this September season!

Keeping up with some of the latest exclusive releases from Japan, we have be fortunate enough to have gotten 7 of these limited edition, Okinawa Pokémon Center exclusive plush! This plush is based off of Okinawa Pokémon Center’s mascot statue featuring Arcanine and Pikachu! Located at the front of the store, these two Pokémon are happy to greet all customers that visit!

This plush was released to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the stores grand opening. What better way to do that than to make the iconic welcoming committee! One may ask, what makes these plush so exclusive and limited? This plush was ONLY able to be purchased in person at the Okinawa Pokémon Center. According to my resources, the lines were long on release day and many were trying to get a hold of one of these exclusive plushies! The fact we managed to get any is beyond a blessing from Arceus himself!

While we know these plushies aren’t cheap, they are what we consider a “collector” item. Here is some Legendary opinions on the plush from Luna herself:

“I always look at collecting as a fun way to invest in something that brings joy. While many may not sell their items, my guess is that these will become sought after plushies in a few years once they retire. Take my advice with a grain of salt however, because just like everyday stock you can buy in the stock market, an items value can and will fluctuate. ” -Luna, Owner of LegendaryJapan.com

These plush are expected to sell out before Christmas and we don’t plan to restock. So once they’re gone, they’re gone! Don’t delay, catch Arcanine and Pikachu for your collection today!

Photo credit from: Pokemon Center Okinawa Twitter.

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