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We’re Legendary Japanese Imports LLC and our specialty is bringing the Japanese culture to America. We specialize in imports of Japanese animation goods such as plushies, figures, clothing, etc. 

We began our journey in January 2021 in our home selling online to multiple American fans of the Japanese anime culture. The reason for starting this company is because we know how hard it is for American fans to find legitimate anime goods for a reasonable price. We used to spend hours upon hours scouring the internet looking for merchandise, only to constantly be confronted with over-priced or knock-off merchandise. Over the years we’ve learned where to go to acquire goods at reasonable prices, and how to easily spot when a product is genuine. This is something that is very difficult for someone just getting into collecting to do, however. Not everyone is able to put in the amount of time we did to learn everything we’ve learned, and it is very easy for them to be taken advantage of. It is for this reason that we decided it would be best for the anime collecting community as a whole if we started our own business, giving collectors a place that they know they will be able to find genuine licensed products at very reasonable prices. We believe that those who love something shouldn’t shy away from collecting due to the high price tags nor should they settle for knockoff bootleg merchandise.

Although our products range from multiple fandoms, we primarily deal in Pokemon merchandise as that’s how we began. We have been a part of the fandom since our youth and we love seeing our generation pass on the love for the franchise to future generations. Our goals are to continue to bring joy to those who love collecting and to give them the peace of mind that they are buying 100% genuine licensed merchandise.

Our future goals are to open up a storefront in a mall along with extending our services to international customers. By doing so this allows for us to bring more to those looking for merchandise that is not always available.

We’d personally love it if you’d follow us along our journey and hopefully one day visit us at a storefront location.


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